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17 Best Survey Sites Reviewed for 2020

Online survey sites are plentiful for your side hustle. They serve as a market research tool for various businesses. As an incentive for consumers to complete surveys, websites offer rewards, free gift cards, or PayPal cash for participation.

With an internet connection, at home or away, you can complete surveys and other tasks on the go.

How do paid survey sites work?

It’s really easy. Simply take online surveys to answer questions about your opinion on a variety of topics. Paid surveys work by paying you for giving your honest feedback to market research and survey companies. 

You may be asked to do product testing and give feedback, or to answer questions about new products, a side hustle you’ve tried in the past, pet food, or new flavors of potato chips. Market research companies want consumer opinions about everything! 

With online survey sites, you’ll be told up front what the survey topic is and how much it will pay you if you qualify for it and answer all of the survey questions. Typically, you’ll need to reach a minimum threshold (anywhere from a few dollars to $50) before you can request payment. And it can take a couple of days to a couple of weeks for your payout reward to process. 

You don’t get paid seconds after completing a paid survey, but you will definitely get paid. It’s a fun part-time side hustle to make a little extra cash. 

How do you get paid for surveys?

How you get paid for surveys can vary from company to company, but you will generally get paid in points or rewards currency that you can redeem for gift cards, cash, and prizes. 

Swagbucks, for examples, rewards you with its own prize currency called SB. On MyPoints, survey takers are paid in points. And unlike most survey websites, on InboxDollars survey takers earn dollars, not virtual currency or points.

When do you cash out for the paid surveys you’ve completed, you’ll usually have a few payout options. Popular payout options include Paypal cash, free gift cards or a check payment.

Can I sign up to multiple survey sites?

Yes, as a survey taker you can sign up to take surveys on multiple survey sites. 

Survey takers who are the most successful at hustling in extra cash usually participate in a number of sites. This will give you a higher number of surveys you can take and increase your earning potential. 

Additionally, the best survey sites offer attractive sign-up bonuses for joining. These sign-up bonuses can include extra cash, sweepstakes entries, or a free gift card. 

How Can You Qualify For A Survey?

Finding a paid survey sites isn’t all that difficult. Qualifying for surveys, however, can be.

Once you sign up for the survey platform of your choice, you’ll be prompted to answer some questions about yourself. These can range from surface-level questions about your age and gender to in-depth questions regarding your career, ambitions, medical history and experience with certain companies.

Different survey platforms take different kinds of information into account when determining which surveys to share with you. After you’ve completed your profile, most will be able to look for the keywords you shared while signing up and connect you with appropriate surveys accordingly. Often a site uses third party cookies to track web-browsing activities and update part of the online ad that you’ll see around the web. They will often disclose a cookie notice when these third party partners drop use cookies for their market research.

List of the Best Survey Websites


A generous $10 sign-up bonus welcomes you to MyPoints and gives you a taste for easy earning. With MyPoints, members can get up to 40% cashback for their everyday purchases from retails such as Best Buy, Home Depot, Walmart, and Amazon. When you’re not shopping, you can answer questions on their online surveys and earn even more cash. 


Survey taking can be a fun pastime. Swagbucks makes it easy for you to sign up to take surveys on a daily basis. You’re most often prompted to share your opinions through this platform about products, businesses and your experience with certain outlets.

Again, the platform will prompt you to answer myriad questions about yourself when you first create a profile through the platform. During this time, you’ll need to let the platform know what demographic you’re a part of, which stores you prefer to shop at, what your experience with those businesses has been, and so on.

Answering these questions allows Swagbucks to get a better idea of who you are and what kind of input you can share with its business partners. As such, you’ll receive surveys that you can actually provide answers to instead of having to browse through thousands you may not qualify for on your own.


Vindale Research

Collect $1 as a sign-up bonus and kickstart your side hustle with Vindale Research. Surveys through this market research company pay well – up to $50 a pop. Some of the surveys are rather long, but you will be rewarded for your efforts and time. You will also be paid for friend referrals, reading promotional messages in your inbox, and giving feedback on videos online.

One of the oldest and longest running survey sites, Vindale Research is a legitimate option for making some money from filling out surveys.

It’s free to sign up, and surveys pay between $1 and $5 each and product testing starts at $5 and moves up from there. The site claims significantly higher rates of pay, but as this involves slightly inflated pricing, for example discounting fees you may have to pay out to join subscription sites before receiving your end payout, they won’t be included here.

There’s lots of additional ways to boost your income on Vindale, including rewards for opening adverts sent to your email account, or small payments for watching advertising videos online. The site pays out in plain and simple cash, and doesn’t mess around with rewards or gift cards, which many people familiar with the survey landscape find a welcome relief.









You get a $5 bonus for just signing up, so I highly recommend that even if they don’t end up being one of your panels of choice – although I definitely think they will be.

You get a $5 bonus for just signing up, so I highly recommend that even if they don’t end up being one of your panels of choice – although I definitely think they will be.

Their wide range of offers cover pretty much everything you can think of, so you can earn money from day one, with little effort, regardless of which activities you choice to focus on ( online shopping, web browsing, watching videos, , taking surveys, playing games, etc).

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research invites consumers to join their test market to try new products and services. You will be the first to know about emerging concepts and be able to give your valuable input to their development and existence.

Joining isn’t as straightforward as merely signing up, because you need an invite. However it’s not as tough as it sounds, as there are plenty of links doing the rounds online if you look hard enough, and Pinecone also advertises on websites, so you might get lucky by keeping an eye on banner adverts. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be vetted to see if you qualify – based on whatever demographics their clients want at that point – and if so, the fun begins!

This site pays highly – at least $3 a survey and up to $6 for testing products. If you stay with them, the pay even increases by a few dollars, taking the wage far above the standard survey rate.





Need someone to take you seriously and respect your opinion? Toluna has a fun community of survey takers that are passionate about sharing their insight on leading brands and new products. Polls and discussion forums make for fun discussions and rewarding bonuses.


Short and simple surveys are added on a daily basis, so there should be plenty on offer too. Unlike some online survey sites, OnePoll doesn’t email you out surveys or invites to complete them, so you need to get into the habit of checking your account on their website daily, or you’ll miss out.

Rewards are paid out in cash and PayPal, but the catch of having short surveys is reflected in the pay, which can be miniscule per survey. As you need to earn $50 before you can withdraw anything, that’s a lot of low-paying surveys before you’ve made your money!



Survey Junkie

Thousands of retailers who have partnered with Survey Junkie make earning as simple as counting the cents in your pocket. You get to partner with the brands that you love and shape the products that they put out into the world. 

Valued Opinions

Most surveys taken will reward you between $1 and $5 and take up to around 20 minutes to complete, asking you about marketing, brands and products and even news events. There is a steady rate of invites to surveys, but you won’t always be qualified for them, which can become tiresome.


Register with LifePoints, and you will instantly earn ten virtual points. LifePoints pay cash within 1-2 weeks for anything above $5. They also offer additional incentives that include product testing and cash payments if you keep an activity journal of your experiences. 

Opinion Plus

Everyone has an opinion, well now Opinion Plus will convert your opinion into cash in your pocket thanks to its intuitive and easy to use paid survey site. It scores highly because the surveys are tailored to each individual user, and yet they still send regular invites so you won’t be waiting around for something to do or, even worse, filling in surveys that you aren’t eligible for and won’t get paid for. They send payments via PayPal only.


CashCrate is a great site pairing traditional surveys with a range of unique deals that can help you make money online. After signing up with a few details and filling in a brief survey for your profile, so CashCrate can identify some basic demographics, you’ll be awarded your first 25 cents and be on your way to greater riches! The best deals and offers are available for US users, and the minimum earnings to have a payout from CashCrate is $20 – which they pay you and their six million users as cash.

There’s a decent rate of surveys pinged your way as you can expect two or three emails a day inviting you to fill in particular questionnaires. In addition to this, there are freely offered surveys on their cleanly designed website each day which you can look through and decide if they take your fancy. Surveys on CashCrate are often outsourced to third parties though, so you can make more money on the survey side from other websites. Similarly they are known for passing your information on to other people, so to avoid the irritations of endless spam, make sure you set up a dedicated email address for your CashCrate account.

Survey Club

Select your state and receive surveys from Survey Club that are specific to your neighborhood. If you get bored with surveys, then you can also earn cash through private panels, focus groups, clinical trials, online bulletin boards, mystery shopping, and in-home usage tests. 

Ipsos I-Say

Choose between a variety of rewards, or get paid cash for being an influencer with I-Say. With over 3 million users, this is a popular choice for earning extra cash. Ipsos are a globally respected name when it comes to opinion polls and market research, and by taking part in their surveys you can help them gain the vital information that helps them make business, consumer and political predictions.


Surveys can be super quick and take just a few minutes to fill out, or require around 15 minutes of your time. Five minute surveys pay $0.50 and surveys range from $0.40 up to the higher – and rarer – ones at $10.Paying out by the usual methods, Crowdology does PayPal and also vouchers. Most importantly, the minimum reward threshold is low so when you’ve earned $8, you can cash it out, unlike other sites which make you wait until you have earned much more money. The site offers prize draws from time to time for things like cinema tickets and surveys can be expected weekly.

Survey Time

Survey Time might not have a high payout rate, exactly $1 per survey, but it does boast with a high number of surveys every day.Also, you can cash out after each survey to your PayPal account, so there is no worry about hitting any thresholds with this panel. New surveys are added on a daily basis, and some are amusingly quirky.


The cleanly designed website has a large number of surveys, so you’ll get a chance to fill out plenty, and they are usually matched to your profile and interests. And to encourage you to stay active, monthly sweepstakes are run which randomly select 10 people and award them with 1,000 points each ($100) for regularly filling out surveys.

As well as using your laptop, you can fill in MySurvey forms on the move by using their app available for both Apple and Android phones. This is perfect because surveys should really be about filling time, rather than dedicating particular time to them, so being able to pass time in queues or while commuting and simultaneously make money is very appealing.

What are the highest paying online surveys?

The highest paying online surveys are usually the longer surveys (taking 40 minutes or more to complete), or a survey that is looking for a very particular audience. They need people who fit very specific criteria, like being bilingual in Korean or English, or having 2 or more sets of twins or other multiples.

While always selecting the highest paying online survey opportunity may look attempting, these surveys can be harder to qualify for. You may get frustrated if you disqualify from the survey after completing a 5-minute screener.

Generally, surveys that pay more moderate amounts of $0.50 to $1.50 are going to be open to a broader audience or be shorter in length. But, it’s definitely a good thing to try and take as many surveys as possible, regardless of payout threshold.

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